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74th General Hospital Collection

Identifier: CSWS-0160
Abstract This collection features papers, correspondence, and photographs from reunions of the 74th General Hospital.

A. E. Bishop Letter to Joseph Mayberry

Identifier: MS-0727
Abstract In this letter to Joseph Mayberry in Knoxville, Tennessee, Andrew Bishop (who is being held as a prisoner of war at Point Lookout, Maryland) appeals to Mayberry's generous spirit for some small pecuniary assistance ... to get some small necessary articles. Bishop served with the 3rd East Tennessee Infantry (CSA) before his capture. Researchers should note that Mayberry should most likely be spelled Mabry.

A. G. Franklin Letter to Dr. Jesse Snodgrass

Identifier: MS-3928
Overview Collection contains a three page handwritten letter and envelope to Dr. Jesse Snodgrass from A. G. Franklin. The letter was written on July 22, 1864, and sent from Knoxville, Tennessee to Snodgrass, a surgeon for the Union Army, who was stationed in Atlanta, Georgia.

A. Stael Letter

Identifier: MS-2798
Abstract This collection consists of a letter written by A. Stael, dated January 26, 1826. The letter was written in French.

Addie Pike Letter

Identifier: MS-3160
Abstract A handwritten letter and envelope from Addie Pike of Salem, Massachusetts, to her brother Edwin R. Pike of Nashville, Tennessee, dated October 26, 1864. In the letter Addie discusses their father and his health, their sister, and observing rallies for Abraham Lincoln and "little Mac" George B. McClellan.

Al Bravin Collection

Identifier: CSWS-0094
Abstract This collection includes various letters written to and by Al Bravin, a Mess Sergeant in the 3rd Division of the 47th Infantry, during World War II as well as news clippings featuring articles about his division's service.

Albert Probert Letters

Identifier: MS-1428
Abstract Albert Probert's cousin, David W. Davies, and sisters, Eliza (Probert) Freeman and Sarah Probert, wrote these letters to him between 1863 and May of 1865. Most reached him while he was stationed at Camp Chase (November 1863 to February 1864) and at Camp Dennison (March 1864 to May 1865).

Albert S. Bayless Letter

Identifier: MS-3212
Abstract This letter, written 1867 January 29, describes an attack on the 9th Tennessee Cavalry by a group of Confederate guerilla soldiers. Bayless is writing to Brownlow at Brownlow's request, and the letter is meant to detail the circumstances of Confederate guerilla John Pride's death.

Albert Woodcock Letter

Identifier: MS-2792
Abstract Captain Albert Woodcock wrote this letter to "Dearest Leute" from camp near Franklin, Tennessee on May 6, 1863. In it, he describes daily life in camp, including a detailed diagram of the infantry's position.

Alfred E. Waldo Letter

Identifier: MS-3184
Abstract A single letter, written October 26, 1863, by Alfred Edward Waldo to his parents. In the letter, he details the defense of Knoxville, Tennessee against General James Longstreet's attack as well as writing of his rations and requesting for new clothes.

Alfred Gruber Letter

Identifier: MS-3269
Abstract Alfred Gruber wrote this letter to his father, Joseph Gruber, from Chattanooga, Tennessee on July 18, 1865. In it, he discusses the aftermath of the war in Chattanooga and wonders whether he should accept the government's offer of a bounty in exchange for five years of service.

Alwin Thaler Papers on Jane Merchant

Identifier: MS-1001
Abstract This collection contains letters between Alwin Thaler and poet Jane Merchant, as well as newspaper articles, original poems, and a speech describing Merchant's works.

Amos Guthrie Letter

Identifier: MS-2942
Abstract This collection houses a letter from Civil War soldier Amos Guthrie, stationed in Knoxville, Tennessee, to his father in New Rumley Township, Ohio. It consists primarily of invectives against Copperheads.

Amos Guthrie Letter

Identifier: MS-2945
Abstract This collection contains a letter written by Amos Guthrie to his father in New Rumley Township, Ohio. Guthrie was stationed in Knoxville, Tennessee. He attacks Copperheads and gives a rather detailed account about washday and the condition of his socks.

Amos Guthrie Letter

Identifier: MS-2946
Abstract This collection contains a letter written by Amos Guthrie from U. S. General Hospital No. 2, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Amos Guthrie Letters

Identifier: MS-3171
Abstract These five letters, composed in April 1864 in Knoxville, Tennessee, are written by Amos Guthrie (then serving with the U. S. Signal Corps) to his father and sister in Ohio. They discuss life in Knoxville as well as troop movements in the area.

Amos W. Kibbee Letter

Identifier: MS-3084
Abstract This collection consists of a letter dated August 18, 1862, from Amos W. Kibbee in Jackson, Tennessee to his cousin Hattie A. Tuttle in Concord, Ohio. Amos discusses his opinions of the military, the hardships of his battle-scarred unit, and the potential of freed slaves.

Anatole France (Jacques Anatole Thibault) Letter

Identifier: MS-2542
Abstract This collection includes a single letter written (in French) by Anatole France to Fernand, July 19, 1877. Along with the letter is a drawing of France dated [18]98.

Andrew Jackson Donelson and William Alexander Donelson Correspondence

Identifier: MS-1722
Abstract These letters, spanning 1816 to 1870, are written by Andrew Jackson Donelson of Tennessee, plantation owner and political advisor and manager, as well as nephew of President Andrew Jackson. Several letters are also written by his son, William A. Doneslon while he was at the Kentucky Military Institute. The letters cover details such as plantation management and the hiring and dismissal of employees and "negroes" as well as much time devoted to the wishing well of family members. The...

Andrew Jackson Letter

Identifier: MS-2173
Abstract In a letter dated March 22, 1829, Andrew Jackson writes from Washington, D.C. to William Donelson concerning Andrew Jackson Hutchings, a ward of Jackson and his wife Rachel.

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