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Alfred E. Waldo Letter

Identifier: MS-3184
Abstract A single letter, written October 26, 1863, by Alfred Edward Waldo to his parents. In the letter, he details the defense of Knoxville, Tennessee against General James Longstreet's attack as well as writing of his rations and requesting for new clothes.

B. R. Strong Papers

Identifier: MS-1312
Abstract This collection houses correspondence, invoices, receipts, lease agreements, mortgages, and other materials documenting B. R. Strong's business activities between 1880 and 1918.

Betsey Beeler Creekmore Papers

Identifier: MS-0833
Abstract This collection houses letters that Betsey Beeler Creekmore wrote to her mother, Betsey (Beeler) Creekmore, between 1934 and 1935. Also included are newspaper clippings documenting the Creekmore family and the history of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Christian Pickle Papers

Identifier: MS-1203
Abstract These papers document a lawsuit between Christian Pickle, Benjamin White, and William Owens. The lawsuit arose from a horse race that had taken place at Ashburns Paths near Knoxville two years earlier. Both Pickle and White had horses entered in the contest, and Owens and Pickle bet $40.00 on the outcome with White and Hugh Beard acting as their respective securities. Pickle's horse emerged victorious, but neither Owens nor White paid Pickle his winnings. As a result, Pickle sued Owens and...

Hamilton District Superior Court and Knox County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Writs

Identifier: MS-1192
Abstract This collection houses four writs addressed to the Sheriff of Knox County. Three of the documents were issued by the County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions and are signed by Charles M. McClung; one was issued by the Superior Court of the Hamilton District and is signed by Francis A. Ramsey. The writs from the County Court require the Sheriff to collect monies awarded during the court's previous session and the writ from the Superior Court directs him to apprehend George B. Green and bring...

Hamilton District Superior Court Writ

Identifier: MS-1198
Abstract This writ, signed by Francis A. Ramsey, instructs the Sheriff of Jefferson County to bring John Stevenson to the next session of the Tennessee Superior Court (Hamilton District) to be held on April 14, 1795. At the time, Stevenson had not paid the $10.00 in judgment and approximately $21.44 in costs that he owed to James Campbell as a result of a recent court case.

Harrison Scrapbook Collection

Identifier: MS-1077
Abstract This collection houses 19 scrapbooks assembled by Eleanor Harrison documenting Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his administration, Knoxville and Knox County history, the Blount Mansion, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, St. John's Episcopal Church, and England's Royal visitors to the United States.

"History of Methodism in Corryton Community"

Identifier: MS-0469
Abstract The collection consists of an eight-page document about the history of Methodism in the Corryton community of Knox County, Tennessee.

J. J. Nicely Legal Papers Regarding the Mascot Milling Company

Identifier: MS-1632
Abstract The legal papers housed in this collection document three lawsuits arising from the dissolution of the Mascot Milling Company in 1894.

James C. Luttrell Letter

Identifier: MS-1967
Abstract In this letter, James C. Luttrell informs Robert Armstrong that he and Thomas Brown have arranged for Luttrell to provide Armstrong with an order for the amount that Luttrell owes on a debt. Armstrong will then give the order to Brown, who will pay the amount indicated. Luttrell had originally borrowed $110.75 and calculates that he still owes Armstrong $63.75.

James White Plat

Identifier: MS-0890
Abstract This drawing documents James White's transfer of a tract of land to his son, Hugh Lawson White, on January 13, 1797. The tract is adjacent to the Holston River and is bisected by Crozier Street and nearby First Creek. It extends approximately 154 poles to the east and 182 poles to the west. The King Wale House and Parks Mill are also indicated. The map's scale is 20 poles to 1 inch.

John Baxter Edmondson Claims

Identifier: MS-3843
Abstract This collection includes four claims filed by John Baxter Edmondson on June 1, 1868 for compensation as a result of the Confederate Army using his Knox County, Tenn. farm for resources.

John W. Cleland Letters

Identifier: MS-3834
Abstract This collection includes two handwritten letters by John Cleland, Union soldier during the Civil War, written to his family from outside Knoxville, Tenn. during February and March 1864.

John Watkins Letters and Poem

Identifier: MS-1781
Abstract This collection consists primarily of two undated, fragmentary letters that John Watkins wrote during the Civil War. One is written on United States Sanitary Commission letterhead. These two items are accompanied by a poem entitled The Union, which Watkins apparently authored.

Joseph A. Mabry Receipt

Identifier: MS-2426
Abstract This collection contains a receipt to Joseph A. Mabry from Rolfe S. (?) Saunders, promising repayment of a loan, dated August 22, 1870.

Knox County Court Bonds

Identifier: MS-1196
Abstract These two documents (signed by William Blount) compel William McNamee, Thomas McGilton, and Samuel Hindman to appear at the session of the Knox County Court to be held on July 14, 1799. All three men were apparently summoned to serve on juries.

Knox County Courthouse Photograph

Identifier: MS-2979
Abstract This collection consists of a framed black and white photograph of seven men in the 3rd floor courtroom of the Knox County Courthouse, circa 1943-1947.

Knox County Health Department Records

Identifier: MS-3301
Abstract This collection houses vital statistics reports, photographs, slides, budgets, scrapbooks, and other materials documenting over a century of health care in Knoxville and Knox County, Tennessee. The bulk of the material is composed of news articles collected in scrapbooks dating from 1931 to 1991 and vital statistics showing Knoxville, Knox County, and Tennessee between 1909 and 1996.

Love Family Papers

Identifier: MS-0227
Abstract This collection contains materials concerning the Love family of Knoxville, Tennessee, from 1837 to 1912. Materials include deeds to homesteads and acquired lands, personal notes, receipts, a newspaper subscription, citizenship papers (post-Confederacy), and a certificate from the Democratic National Convention for the Wilson campaign.

Nancy Miller Deposition

Identifier: MS-1036
Abstract Nancy Miller gave this deposition to Charles McClung, Court Clerk of Knox County, as part of a lawsuit between Judith Miller (plaintiff) and John Smith (defendant). In it, Nancy Miller testifies that in 1798 Zachary Cox told her to get the money that he owed her from his store and that he would tell John Smith to let her have what she asked. The case was heard before the Knox County Superior Court on April 2, 1800, and Judith Miller was awarded $77.39, including $0.16 in court costs.

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