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Alexander Hollaender Material

Identifier: MS-1165
Abstract This collection houses correspondence, schedules, notes, lectures, and publications documenting Alexander Hollaender's 1962 term as Messenger Lecturer at Cornell University.

Alexander Hollaender Papers

Identifier: MS-0652
Abstract This collection houses correspondence, notebooks, data sheets, publications, travel records, and experimental data documenting Alexander Hollaender's long scientific career. Of particular interest are the items showing Hollaender's groundbreaking work with the effects of radiation and methods of radiation protection.

Alexander Hollaender Papers

Identifier: MS-1261
Abstract This collection houses correspondence, notes, reprints, and other materials documenting Alexander Hollaender's participation in various symposiums and workshops toward the end of his career. Hollaender's personal files dating from 1950 to 1975 are also included.

Alexander Hollaender Papers Supplement

Identifier: MS-1105
Abstract This addition to the Hollaender papers represents Dr. Hollaender's continuing interest in the UT Library's Radiation Biology Archives. It houses journals, international conference files, correspondence, illustrative materials, and awards documenting Dr. Hollaender's life and work.

Antoine Lacassagne Collection

Identifier: MS-0701
Abstract The Antoine Lacassagne collection houses records of commissions, congresses, conferences, and symposiums, lectures, correspondence, records of experiments, experimental notebooks, lessons, and reprints of publications by Professor Lacassagne and others documenting their work in the field of radiobiology.

Arnold Hicks Sparrow Collection

Identifier: MS-0982
Abstract This collection houses 117 research data books supplemented with correspondence files, scientific reprints, laboratory notes, and an extensive group of well executed glossy print photographs documenting Arnold Hicks Sparrow's work in radiation botany.

D. E. Lea Papers and Notebooks

Identifier: MS-0840
Abstract This collection houses papers and notebooks relating to the career of radiation researcher Douglas E. Lea.

Dr. Charles C. Congdon Radiation Biology Papers

Identifier: MS-0838
Abstract This collection houses notebooks, charts, computer data sheets, correspondence, photos, reprints, and designs documenting Dr. Charles Congdon's research in radiation biology. There are also papers and research materials contributed by Egon Lorenz, Joanne Hollcroft, Arnold Van Pelt, C. Lowell Edwards, and T. Phillip Waalkes.

Dr. J. Gordon Carlson Papers

Identifier: MS-1814
Abstract This collection houses manuscripts of and reprints from Dr. Carlson's articles and books (including the materials used to write them), reprints of articles by other authors, programs and paper abstracts from the research conventions Dr. Carlson attended, and 80 reference books (most dealing with radiation research) that Dr. Carlson collected.

George de Hevesy Papers

Identifier: MS-0844
Abstract This collection houses correspondence, laboratory notebooks, and bound reprints documenting the life and career of Nobel Prize winning chemist George de Hevesy.

Harold F. Blum Papers

Identifier: MS-0988
Abstract The papers of Harold Blum are comprised mostly of notes on his irradiation of mice experiment, manuscripts of his publications, and notes on several other projects.

Hymer Friedell Papers

Identifier: MS-2914
Abstract This collection consists of reports, letters, books, slides, and other materials documenting Hymer Friedell's work on the biological effects of radiation between 1943 and 1996. Much of the material dates from the Manhattan Project era and shortly thereafter. Of particular interest are slides documenting the aftermath of the Hiroshima bomb (1945) and a trip to Moscow (1966), books about the Manhattan project, and retrospective accounts of Friedell's work from the 1990s.

J. Newell Stannard Papers

Identifier: MS-2020
Abstract These papers document Dr. J. Newell Stannard's work in the field of radiobiology from the late 1940s to the 1990s. Stannard created the vast majority of the material while working at the University of Rochester and at the University of California at San Diego, but some items showing his work with the U. S. government are present as well.

Karl G. Zimmer Papers

Identifier: MS-0839
Abstract This collection houses the collected papers of German physicist Karl G√ľnter Zimmer. These papers consist primarily of reprints of 121 articles and chapters written by K.G. Zimmer and various co-authors in German, Russian, French, or English. These documents were originally housed in eight binders and indexes to the contents of these binders can be found in folders 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. Folders 12 thorough 16 contain unbound pages from three books, and folder 17 contains a single bound book.

Karl Z. Morgan Papers

Identifier: MS-3291
Abstract The Karl Z. Morgan Papers house a variety of materials documenting Dr. Morgan's tenure at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The collection consists primarily of documents and reports but also contains a number of road maps and travel brochures, a Monnaie de Paris Eisenhower commemorative coin, and an American bicentennial commemorative bag.

K.Z. Morgan Papers

Identifier: MS-[Vault]
Abstract This collection houses the bulk of K.Z. Morgan's papers. Among the subjects documented are the Manhattan Project, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the detection of ionizing radiation, and radiation safety.

L. H. Gray Papers

Identifier: MS-0642
Abstract The collection includes: correspondence; minutes of meetings; records of commissions, congresses, and symposiums; lectures; publications; manuscripts; reprints of articles and pamphlets; experimental notebooks; research notes; and biographical papers relating to L. H. Gray's career.

L. J. Tolmach Papers

Identifier: MS-2094
Abstract This collection consists primarily of published and unpublished presentations written by Leonard J. Tolmach during this career in radiobiology. These papers are organized by the date and location of the conference the presentation was to be given at.

Lauriston S. Taylor Radiation Research Papers

Identifier: MS-1816
Abstract This collection documents Lauriston S. Taylor's work with the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) and the International Committee on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU), where he served as chairman from 1956 to 1969 and was then named Honorary Chairman and Member Emeritus.

ORNL Biology Division Collection

Identifier: MS-1709
Abstract The ORNL Biology Division Collection consists primarily of materials documenting the Council for Research Planning in the Biological Sciences and the work of Alexander Hollaender. Hollaender directed ORNL's Biological Division from 1946 to 1966 and is responsible for much of the early research on radiation and mutation.

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