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Andrew Jackson Bond

Identifier: MS-2449
Abstract This collection contains an 1822 bond for a $3,500 suit brought by Bennett Smith against the estate of his son-in-law John Hutchings. From Hutchings, Andrew Jackson's business partner, Smith sought to recover a debt arising over the sale of slaves. Andrew Jackson represented Hutchings' son, Andrew Jackson Hutchings, as guardian in the suit.

Andrew Jackson Donelson Correspondence

Identifier: MS-3653
Abstract This collection consists of sixteen Andrew Jackson Donelson correspondences about plantation life, slavery, and politics in Tennessee.

B. S. Williams Collection of 19th Century Knox County Deeds

Identifier: MS-1049
Abstract This collection consists of three deeds created in Knox County, Tennessee, between 1823 and 1836. The first, dated September 2, 1836, records a sale of seven enslaved people between Robert Campbell and Andrew McMillan. The second, dated September 7, 1823, is a deed for land in Knox County between John Rutherford and Richard Monds. The third, dated January 6, 1825, is a deed for land in Knox County between James Blackwell and his wife Elizabeth and John R. Nelson.

Bedford County Petition to the Tennessee Constitutional Convention

Identifier: MS-1190
Abstract This petition, submitted to the Tennessee Constitutional Convention by a group of citizens from Bedford County, asks that body to "insert a clause in the revized or amended Constitution of this State, affecting the gradual emancipation of Slaves, so that it shall be a free state against the year 1866."

Charles Henry Shriner Diary

Identifier: MS-3458
Abstract Charles Henry Shriner wrote the bulk of this diary while traveling through Tennessee between October of 1843 and April of 1844. During this trip, he stayed in the Nashville area, visited Andrew Jackson, learned about slavery and abolition, and participated in political activities. Shriner added a brief biographical sketch (including an index of major events) at a later date at the end of the book.

David Burford Papers

Identifier: MS-0935
Abstract The correspondence housed in this collection documents David Burford's military career and participation in politics and the slave trade between 1814 and 1855. Jourdan M. Saunders (Burford's business partner) wrote many of the letters, which discuss their activities with James R. Franklin and John Armfield. This collection also contains letters concerning political matters (including two from Samuel Hogg, an early Tennessee Congressman, and one from Felix Grundy, a United States Senator), an...

David Burford Papers

Identifier: MS-1027
Abstract This collection documents David Burford's political and business activities between 1814 and 1864, including his service in the Tennessee State Senate (1829-1835) and his involvement in the slave trade.

David Burford Papers

Identifier: MS-1185
Abstract This collection houses 29 letters written to Tennessee businessman and politician David Burford between 1820 and 1860.

David Henley Letters

Identifier: MS-0736
Abstract These six documents show David Henley's appointment and service as an Agent of the United States Department of War in the Territory South of the River Ohio from 1793 to 1797. Among the subjects they discuss are pay for the militia stationed in Henley's vicinity, military procurement, the sale of two enslaved individuals, and the actions of local Native Americans.

Donald Paine Collection Regarding Tennessee v. Major

Identifier: MS-3443
Abstract This collection houses articles, correspondence, notes, trial transcripts, and opinions (obtained via Westlaw) documenting Don Paine's research into the case of Tennessee v. Major. The transcripts show the first (1853-1854) and fourth (1857) trials.

Ex-Slave Bounty and Pension Association Certificate of Membership

Identifier: MS-1553
Abstract This certificate of membership in the Ex-Slave Bounty and Pension Association was issued to Rollie Johnson of Loudon, Tennessee in 1898. According to the certificate, membership fees ($0.25) are used to aid in the passage of the Ex-Slave Bounty and Pension Bill and monthly dues ($0.10) go to aid the ex-slave movement and raise funds to promote the passage of the aforesaid bill.

Hannah W. Swan Grant of Pardon and Amnesty

Identifier: MS-0056
Abstract In this document, President Andrew Johnson pardons Hannah W. Swan of Knox County for her rebellion against the United States of America on the conditions that she take the oath given in the May 29, 1865 Proclamation of the President, never owns slaves nor uses slave labor, pays all costs from any previous legal proceedings, doesn't attempt to recover any property seized by the government during the Civil War, and notifies the Secretary of State in writing that she has received and accepted the...

James A. Rogers Papers

Identifier: MS-0738
Abstract The bulk of this collection houses legal documents, correspondence, plats, and other items documenting James A. Rogers' life and work. Among the subjects shown are rail and steamboat shipments in the 1850s and 1860s, land grants and sales (including land grants given in recognition of service in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War), transaction records of enslaved individuals from the 1840s to the 1860s, the Civil War (including the construction of Fort Pillar north of Memphis),...

John F. Pate Receipts

Identifier: MS-0486
Abstract This collection contains 3 handwritten receipts for the purchase of slaves by John F. Pate as well as 2 other handwritten receipts.

John Gibbs Slave Bill of Sale

Identifier: MS-3243
Abstract This collection houses a small bill of sale written by John Gibbs of Anderson County, Tennessee, on October 2, 1837. It documents Gibbs' sale of an enslaved boy named Calloway to John McAdoo for $150.

John L. Polk Auction Inventory

Identifier: MS-1417
Abstract This inventory documents the property of John L. Polk (deceased) that was disposed of at Public Auction on December 23-24, 1831. It is written on a large sheet of paper divided into three columns listing Polk's household goods and their prices. Among the items included are a razor strop, sundry books, 5 plows, 15 hogs, and Fanny, an enslaved woman. The estate's total value was $1526.06.

John Lindsey Letter

Identifier: MS-2723
Abstract This collection consists of a four-page letter dated 1860 from John Lindsey in Hannibal, Tennessee, to his friend F. A. Stow. In it, Lindsey discusses business relating to his land in Hannibal, his plans for developing that land, his intention to open a saloon in collaboration with several other men, his opinions on slavery and slaves, and his opposition to a law compelling all free blacks to leave the state of Tennessee. He also inquires about his friend's family, passes on news of his own,...

Jonathan D. Hale Collection

Identifier: MS-2233
Abstract The Jonathan D. Hale Collection, 1863-1885, contains correspondence, printed materials, and handwritten notes related to the life of Hale, a Union scout and postmaster of Hale's Mill, Tenn.

Joseph Bates Documents

Identifier: MS-3078
Abstract This collection consists of two documents recording transactions involving Joseph Bates and witnessed by Overton county clerk John Daugherty. The first document, dated November 5, 1838, records Bates' loaning of an enslaved woman of forty named Tiller and a boy of 10 named Thomas to Robert Mitchell. The second, dated August 4, 1845 concerns land sold to Bates by Martin Cox, detailing the exact boundaries of the tract.

Joseph Meek Slavery Letter

Identifier: MS-2398
Abstract In this letter dated August 23, 1855, the letter writer informs Joseph Meek of Nashville of his intent to purchase enslaved people from a variety of sources. He tells of opportunities in Smith County and Rogersville, Tenn., and well as a pending purchase of two men and a girl from his cousin.

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