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Albert Probert Letters

Identifier: MS-1428
Abstract Albert Probert's cousin, David W. Davies, and sisters, Eliza (Probert) Freeman and Sarah Probert, wrote these letters to him between 1863 and May of 1865. Most reached him while he was stationed at Camp Chase (November 1863 to February 1864) and at Camp Dennison (March 1864 to May 1865).

Alfred Gruber Letter

Identifier: MS-3269
Abstract Alfred Gruber wrote this letter to his father, Joseph Gruber, from Chattanooga, Tennessee on July 18, 1865. In it, he discusses the aftermath of the war in Chattanooga and wonders whether he should accept the government's offer of a bounty in exchange for five years of service.

Amos Guthrie Letter

Identifier: MS-2942
Abstract This collection houses a letter from Civil War soldier Amos Guthrie, stationed in Knoxville, Tennessee, to his father in New Rumley Township, Ohio. It consists primarily of invectives against Copperheads.

Amos Guthrie Letter

Identifier: MS-2945
Abstract This collection contains a letter written by Amos Guthrie to his father in New Rumley Township, Ohio. Guthrie was stationed in Knoxville, Tennessee. He attacks Copperheads and gives a rather detailed account about washday and the condition of his socks.

Amos Guthrie Letter

Identifier: MS-2946
Abstract This collection contains a letter written by Amos Guthrie from U. S. General Hospital No. 2, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Amos Guthrie Letters

Identifier: MS-3171
Abstract These five letters, composed in April 1864 in Knoxville, Tennessee, are written by Amos Guthrie (then serving with the U. S. Signal Corps) to his father and sister in Ohio. They discuss life in Knoxville as well as troop movements in the area.

Asa M. Weston Letter

Identifier: MS-2965
Abstract In this letter to his sister, Asa M. Weston discusses being close to Knoxville and President Lincoln's call for more draftees.

Benton L. Thompson Siege of Knoxville Letter

Identifier: MS-3005
Abstract This Civil War letter was written by Benton L. Thompson of the Union Army, and contains general details of his journey to Knoxville, Tennessee by railway and by foot for the Siege of Knoxville.

Civil War Letter

Identifier: MS-3019
Abstract This letter was written by an unidentified Civil War soldier to his parents in September of 1863. In it, he describes Union troop movements around Chattanooga and the hardships of crossing the river and marching. The letter may have been written by Private Andrew G. Wickham and was approved by Milton Weaver, whose papers may be found in MS.2128.

Daniel Pontious Letter

Identifier: MS-3134
Abstract This collection houses a letter written by Daniel Pontious on June 13, 1865 from Shell Mound, Tennessee to Hannah in Ohio. The letter concerns news of friends and family, the family farm, a college graduation that Pontious will be unable to attend, and the the Union Army's slow progress in mustering out troops following the Confederate surrender.

Edgar H. Arthurs Letters

Identifier: MS-2948
Abstract This collection contains two letters from Edgar Arthurs, one to his sister and one to his brother. The letters were both written from Columbia, Tennessee, while his unit was marching from Nashville, Tennessee to Athens, Alabama.

Edward Hatch Letter

Identifier: MS-2163
Abstract This letter from Major General Edward Hatch to Secretary of War E. M. Stanton requests the promotion of Assistant Adjt. General Henry A. Colvin to the rank of Major.

Emmanuel Cave Letter

Identifier: MS-2158
Abstract This collection consists of a letter dated June 19, 1862, from Emmanuel Cave of the 69th Ohio Infantry to his wife Susan. Cave writes of the eight-day march that his regiment just completed.

Ezra Decker Letter

Identifier: MS-2984
Abstract This collection contains a letter written by Ohio artilleryman Ezra Decker to Job Sweet. Decker was sick when he wrote the letter, which contains rumors about the war coming to an end and speculation as to Confederate troop movements after the impending fall of Richmond.

George Sowers Letter

Identifier: MS-0898
Abstract In this letter to his parents and brother, George Sowers reports that he is in good health, describes the 23 mile march that his regiment has just finished, mentions that he prefers Tennessee to Kentucky, and says that the Rebels have left Tennessee for Florida.

George Sowers Letters

Identifier: MS-0855
Abstract In these two letters to his brother, George Sowers mentions getting some tobacco (which is scarce in Tennessee), discusses his regiment's opinion of their Lieutenant Berry, and reports on his health. He also implores his brother to write him more often and asks for news of his family.

George Tarres Letter

Identifier: MS-2969
Abstract In this letter to his sister Rebecca (postmarked Clarksville, Tenn.) George Tarres discusses the fighting and marching that his unit has done.

Henry Bechtel Letter

Identifier: MS-3242
Abstract Henry Bechtel of Company E of the 22nd Ohio Infantry wrote this letter to his parents on June 5, 1863 from camp on Haines Bluff in Mississippi. He mentions having recently left Jackson, Tennessee, and traveled through Memphis before approaching Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Henry Brown Collection

Identifier: MS-2117
Abstract This is a collection of over fifty civil war letters written by Harry Brown to his wife from August 1861 through September 1862.

J. C. Gates Letter

Identifier: MS-2155
Abstract This collection consists of an April 11, 1864, letter from Union soldier J. C. Gates in Ringgold, Ga., to his wife in Ohio. Gates mentions the arrival of Col. Brownlow and the East Tennessee Cavalry and discusses the fish supply in the local rivers.

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