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United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865.

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 245 Collections and/or Records:

Richard M. Saffell Papers

Identifier: MS-1333

A collection of letters between various members of the Saffell and Bogle families largely documenting their experiences during the Civil War. Of particular interest are the letters to and from Sam and Dick Saffell describing their service with the Confederate Army.

Dates: 1837 April 18-1889 December 25

Robert A. Kerr Letter

Identifier: MS-3274

Robert A. Kerr wrote this letter to a friend from Nashville, Tennessee on December 5, 1862. In it, he discusses his regiment's living conditions and describes some fighting in the area.

Dates: 1862 December 5

Robert A. Ragan Letters

Identifier: MS-0743

This collection houses eight letters from Robert A. Ragan to his wife, Emeline (Neass) Ragan, during the Civil War. In them, Ragan discusses battles and skirmishes with the Rebels, describes the landscapes he has seen, relates his frustration with army life, mentions his fear of moving too far South, and comments on his unit's movements and actions. He also expresses his concern for his family and friends in Tennessee and asks Emeline to write to him and to pray for him in the struggle.

Dates: 1863 October 13-1864 April 11

Robert Hatton Speech

Identifier: MS-2718
Abstract This collection consists of an eight-page reprint of a speech that Robert Hopkins Hatton gave in the U. S. House of Representatives on February 8, 1861. It documents Hatton's opinion that secession from the United States would cause "our fair land [to be] scourged and blighted as by the hand of an angry God." Among the methods Hatton proposes to avert war are repealing personal liberty laws, amending the U. S. Constitution to prohibit the abolition of slavery, and resolving the question of...
Dates: 1861

Robert Moore Diary

Identifier: MS-3385
Abstract Robert Moore of Kewanee, Illinois used this diary to record his experiences as a Private with the 124th Illinois Infantry during the Civil War. His account begins when he enlists in the regiment on 1862 August 14 and goes on to describe the unit's movement from Illinois to Jackson, Tennessee and Corinth, Mississippi. Moore notes that they served under General John A. Logan's division of the Army of the Tennessee and mentions many of their responsibilities, including guarding the railroads,...
Dates: 1862 August 14-1864 January 9

Robert Neville Letter

Identifier: MS-2797

Robert Neville wrote this letter to his wife, Mary (Atkinson) Neville, while he was serving with Company E of the 103rd Ohio Infantry near Knoxville, Tennessee. He tells his wife that his health is good, describes the region's enthusiastic reception of Union Soldiers, and expounds upon his religious views.

Dates: 1863 September 17

Sam House Letter

Identifier: MS-0927

Sam House wrote this letter to his sister, Ellen, in Knoxville, Tennessee on September 8, 1862. In it, he discusses scarce food, quinine pills, guarding an old bridge, and the weather. House also mentions General Price and the old Scarecrow that they hope to catch. House closes his letter by replying to news of family members.

Dates: 1862 September 8

Samuel Andrew Baker Letters

Identifier: MS-2895

This collection consists of two letters from Samuel Andrew Baker of Company E of the 44th Indiana Infantry written on January 28, 1862, and July 26, 1863. In the first letter, written to his father from South Carrollton, Kentucky, Baker discusses being fired upon while on guard duty. In the second letter, written to his brother-in-law from McMinnville, Tennessee, Baker mentions having his pocket picked while swimming and describes Fourth of July celebrations.

Dates: 1862 January 28, 1863 July 26

Samuel B. Boyd Papers

Identifier: MS-0871

This collection houses letters of recommendation for Samuel Boyd, correspondence to and from Samuel Boyd (including two letters he wrote while being held prisoner at Camp Chase, Ohio during the Civil War), genealogical notes, invitations, newspaper clippings, and resolutions on the deaths of Samuel and Isabella (Reed) Boyd.

Dates: 1850 February 14-1928 March 19

Sarah Probert Watkins/Probert Family Papers

Identifier: MS-2292

The bulk of this collection houses correspondence between Sarah (Probert) Watkins and family and friends living in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois between 1865 and 1905. Other letters were written to and from George Probert and other members of the Probert family.

Dates: 1838-1948

Silas L. Parker Letter

Identifier: MS-2879

The June 11, 1862 letter, written by 1st Lieutenant Silas L. Parker of Company B of the 44th Illinois Infantry, describes the movements of his Company, the rankings of officers, his promotion, and the available food supply; furthermore, he strongly requests a reply from his family.

Dates: 1862 June 11

Society of the Army of the Tennessee Ribbons

Identifier: MS-3932

Collection contains two commemorative ribbons from the seventeenth and nineteenth reunions of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee. The ribbons are printed with gold text that states the event and dates. The seventeenth reunion took place in Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, on August 13 and 14, 1884. The nineteenth reunion was held in Rock Island, Illinois, on September 15 and 16, 1886.

Dates: 1884 August 13-14, 1886 September 15-16

Soldier's Prayer Book

Identifier: MS-3052

This collection contains the Soldier's Prayer Book, published in Philadelphia 1861, of William F. Hill. There are also two business cards, one belonged to Hill of Apponaug, Rhode Island, and the other to Lt. Gideon Spencer of the First Regiment, Rhode Island Light Artillery.

Dates: circa 1861

Stanley J. Folmsbee Papers

Identifier: MS-1627

This collection documents the work of Stanley Folmsbee. Included are several book manuscripts (including Folmsbee's Tennessee: A Short History and History of Tennessee), materials showing Folmsbee's involvement with such organizations as the Sons of the Revolution, a set of reprinted Civil War newspapers, and clippings of those of Folmsbee's articles that were printed in Tennessee newspapers.

Dates: 1796-1961; 1950-1961

State of Alabama Stock Certificate

Identifier: MS-1214

This $500 stock certificate was issued to support military defense on March 1, 1861 and matured on May 1, 1871. Nine small certificates at the bottom of the document show how much annual interest was due to the certificate's holder between 1861 and 1871.

Dates: 1861 March 1

Stephen W. Gibson Letter

Identifier: MS-2929

In this letter to his brother Andrew J. Gibson, Stephen W. Gibson reports on his health, discusses his distaste for the three African American regiments stationed with his unit in Nashville, and asks for information about the activities of the Copperheads in his hometown.

Dates: 1864 June 12

Stephen Ward Letter

Identifier: MS-3032

In this letter to his wife Nancy, Stephen Ward describes encountering Confederate cavalry on a recent scouting mission, the inclement winter weather, and foraging for food and supplies. He also complains that his recent exertions have left him "as sore as an old Government mule" and mentions that a wealthy Union sympathizer had been hung after two of his Confederate neighbors betrayed him shortly before Ward's unit arrived in the area.

Dates: 1863 February 18

T. J. Crawford Letter

Identifier: MS-3413

In this letter to his brother Joe, Thomas J. Crawford mentions that he is tired of fighting and reports that three of the men from his company that are being kept prisoner in Elmira, New York have died. He also responds to his brother's letters about girls wearing him out.

Dates: 1864 November 6

T. M. Schleier Panoramic Photograph of Knoxville

Identifier: MS-1803

This collection houses a four piece panoramic photograph of Knoxville, Tennessee taken by T. M. Schleier in 1865 and John S. Van Gilder's 1936 manuscript identifying each of the objects shown.

Dates: 1865, 1936 December 2

T. P. Bateman Letter

Identifier: MS-2925

This letter from Lieutenant Colonel T. P. Bateman of Centerville, Tennessee was sent to D. Cambell and E. Cook on April 6, 1861 concerning the appointment of his fellow townsman Colonel Nunelly as postmaster of the town of Centreville, Tenn. The appointment is dependent on the removal of Secesh sympathizer and current postmaster Major Pleasant Hornbeak.

Dates: 1861 April 6