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All Students' Club Minute Book

Identifier: AR-0461

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This minute book documents the activities of the University of Tennessee's All Students' Club from 1947 to 1954. Among the topics discussed are Carnicus (a carnival held on campus to raise money for University of Tennessee fraternities and sororities), plans for a Student Union Building, accusations of Communist activity leveled against UT faculty, and potential campus improvements.


  • 1947-1954

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This minute book documents the activities of the University of Tennessee's All Students' Club from 1947 to 1954. Among the topics discussed are Carnicus (a carnival held on campus to raise money for University of Tennessee fraternities and sororities), plans for a Student Union Building, accusations of Communist activity leveled against UT faculty, and potential campus improvements.

Biographical/Historical Note

The All Students' Club (ASC) was founded in 1919 as the University of Tennessee's student government organization. Its name was changed to Student Government Association (SGA) in 1962 and it continues to operate under that title today.


This collection consists of one box.

Acquisition Note

This minute book was donated to the University of Tennessee's Special Collections Library.

Index to Personal Names, Places, and Events

This index covers pages 1 to 66 of the ASC minute book. A printed copy of the index has been filed with the manuscript.
'51-'52: UT's Greatest Year
Activities Board
Activities Fee Committee
Activities Ticket
Activity Relations Board (Committee)
Administration (University)
Administrative Council
Advisory Board
Agricultural Club
Agricultural College
Agricultural Representative
African American Students
Alabama Game
Alabama Caravan
Albers, Bub
All-Class Day
All Sing
All Sing Revisions and Improvements Committee
All Students Club (ASC) Annual Report
ASC Retreat
ASC Symbol
Allen, Katherine
Allison, Bob
Aloha Oe
Alpha Gamma Rho
Alumni Association
Alumni Memorial Building
Arledge, Bill
Arnold Air Society
Art Dept.
Association of Southern Students
Athletic Association (Council) (UTAA)
Athletic Department
Athletic Report
Athletic Board
Athletic scholarship
Autry, Gene
Award Committee Report
Ayres, Brown
Ayres Hall and Tower
Backward Dance
Baker, George
Baker, Howard
Baldwin, George
Baldwin, Mary Jo
Balfour Company
Band (UT)
Barlow, Keith
Barnwarmin' Queen
Bartlett, Tom
Basketball (tickets, other)
Beach, Dean
Beasley, Mary Nell
Beauty Ball
Beauty Parade
Beaver Club
Bell, Betty
Bell, Ken
Bell, Neil
Benziger, Barbara
Betty Co-Ed Dance
Beville, Doug
Bijou Theatre
Bills, Don
Black, Bill
Blatchley, Bill
Bledsoe, Henry
Blood Drive (UT)
Blue Ridge Conference
Board of Trustees
Bolton, Betty
Bone, Eddy
Book Resolution (ASC)
Bookstore (UT)
Bookstore Board of Directors
Bookstore Report
Boring, Jo Ann
Boston College Game
Bowers, Connie
Bowers, Doug
Bowman, Jim
Bozeman, Mr.
Branson, Jim
Bradley, John
Bradley, Missy
Braswell, Lawson
Brehm, President
Breshanan, Jim
Bridges, Betsy
Bronson, Bill
Browder, Sam
Brown, Betty N.
Brown, Bill
Brummit, Phil
Bryan, Ann
Budget (Report, other)
Bulletin boards
Burdette, Jim
Burns, Barbara
Burns, Dave
Bush, Allen
Business Board
Cafeteria Food Committee
Cafeteria Report
Cagle, Fred
Cakmes, Steve
Calendar Committee
Calendar of Events
Caldwell, Gene
Campbell, Bill
Campbell, John
Campus Chest
Campus Cleanup Campaign and Report (Improvements Report)
Campus and Grounds Committee
Campus Grounds Improvement Committee
Campus Improvements Committee
Campus Polio Drive
Capp, Al
Carnicus Investigation Committee
Carnicus Policies
Carnicus Screening Committee
Chamberlain, Betty Lou
Chambliss, Joyce
Chapman, Ernie
Cheating, Elimination of
Cheating in Classes Committee
Cheerleading (cheerleaders, Chairman, other)
Chest Drive (UT)
Children's Home
Chorus and Singers (UT)
Christmas Concert
Christmas Tree
Clack, Harriet
Claiborne, Glen
Clark, John R.
Clark, Marilyn
Class Councils
Clem, Margaret
Clement, Governor
Coats, Paul
Cobble, Max
Cochran, Gene
Cockrill, Ben
Coleman, Tom
College of Business Administration Board
College of Business Ball
College of Education
College Education Board
College Reports
College Representation in ASC
College Representatives
Concert Committee
Consolidation Social Calendar Committee
Constitution (ASC)
Constitution Committee (revision committee)
Constitution Report (other)
Contact Committee
Cooke, Elmer
Cotton Bowl
Couch, Mr.
Cowan, Steve
Cowart, Betty
Cox, Frank
Craft, Virginia
Creekmore, Bob
Creekmore, Eleanor
Crane, H. H.
Crawford, Joan
Cross, Marilyn
Cross, Sam
Crusade for Freedom Campaign
Culp, Jim
Culpepper, John
Cumberland Ave.
Cummings, Tom
Cummins, Roy
Cup trophy
Currie, W. G.
Dabney Hall
Dale, Lucien
Dance Report
dance(s) (ASC)
Dance, Phil
Daughtry, Lou
Davis, Bill
Davis, Wayne
Delta Gamma
DeMent, John
Dempster, Ann Gordan
Dempster, Joe
Dender, Bill
Desmond, Tom
Dig that Crazy Kitten
Dillard, Ann
Distribution Room
Dodson, Dave
Doka, Steve
Donnelly, Mary Ellen
Doughtry, Dean
Dowry, Dean
Drinnon, Betty
Duke (University)
Duke, Nancy
Dunford, R. E. (Dean of Students)
Dunlap, Lennis
Dunn, J. C.
Dunsmore, Bimmie
Dupree, William
Easham, Joe
East Tennessee State Teachers College
Eber, Al
Eckel, Jim
Echols, Jim
Edington, Joan (Eddington)
Education Club
Education Program (ASC)
Education Representative
Election Committee
Ellis, Benton
Elliot Company Engravers
Elson, Jim
Emmick, Ed
Engineering Representative
Ernest, Harold
Escue, Betty
Ewing, Bob
Executive Board
Farmer, Roy
Farragut Hotel
Finance and Research Board
Financial Committee
Financial Statement (tissue paper stapled insert)
Fine Arts Department (UT)
Fitzgerald, Paul
Flatt, Bill
Florida Game
Fonde, Rhea
Football (tickets, players, other)
Foreign Students Program
Formy, Frand
Fox, Betty
Franchise Party
Franklin, Mac
Fraternity Homecoming Decorations Trophy
Fraternity Relations Board
Frazier, Tom
Freels, Frances
Freeman, Adrienne
Frerking, Mary
Freshman Advisor
Freshman caps (hats)
Freshman class
Freshman Council (Cabinet)
Freshman Council Constitution
Freshman Dance
Freshman Easter Egg Hunt
Freshman election(s)
Freshman Hop
Freshman Indoctrination Booklet
Freshman Race
Freshman Retreat
Freshman Scholarship Fund
Freshman Vocational Guidance
Freshman Week
Friendship Week
Frosh Council
Frost, Elizabeth
Frost Lodge Retreat (Gatlinburg)
Frost, Ralph
Frost, Virginia
Garringer, L. D.
Gass, Florence
Gentry, Gaven
German classes
"Get Wise Day"
Gibson, Bobbie
Glaze, Nancy
Grace, Frank
Gray, Jim
Greek Week
Green, Tom
Greve, Dean
Grievance Board
Griggs, Jere
Grounds Committee
Goddard, Dean
Gussellman, Paul
Hale, Warren
Hamilton, Jack
Hamilton, Sylvia
Hammer, Leslie
Hancock, Hank
Harbison, Bill
Harbor, Keith
Hardin, Lucy
Harris, Ed
Harrison, Barbara
Harrison, Bruce
Harrison, Keith
Harvey, Paul
Haslam, Jim
Haun, Ed
Hawthorne, Helen
Haynes, Will
Henderson, Helen
Hesler, L. R. (Dean of Liberal Arts)
Hess, Dean
Hickman, Herman
Hill, the (Freshman Indoctrination Booklet)
Hill, the (UT)
Hill, Florence
Hobbs, Herby
Hodges, Lenord
Hoeke, Fred
Hoffestmister, Jack (Hoffmeister)
Homecoming (Committee, other)
Homecoming Queen
Homecoming Torch Night
Home Economics Building
Home Economics Club
Home Economics Magazine
Honor System
Honors Day
House, Mary Adair
House mothers
Housley, Bee
Howard, Lewis
Hudson Field
Hughes, Paul
Humphries, Bill
Hutchinson, Bob
Hutton, Virginia
Hyde, Jerry
Identification Cards Report
Income Tax Education Deduction
Increased Orange and White Circulation Committee
Information Program
Informational Booklet (ASC)
Ink wells
Inter-collegiate forum
Interracial Educational Conference
Intramural report
ISA Faculty Advisor
ISA Glee Club
ISA Retreat
Ivy, Bruce Jr.
Jackson, Charlotte
Jaros, Norman
Jeffers, Loyd
JOB, the
Joe College Dance
John Tarleton Institute
Johnson, Bill
Johnson, Robin
Jones, Dick
Judiciary Board (ASC)
Junior Class
Junior Council
Jute (Juke) box
Kauffman, Ann
Kelley, Ruth Ellen (Kelly, Keeley)
Kelly, Walt
Kenan, Janet
Kenan, Mimi
Kerr, Dot
Kersh, Jackie
Key (ASC Symbol)
Kidwell, Dick
Kilpatrick, Craig
Kimsey, Grady
King, James (Jimmy)
King, Jim
Kinnard, Carl
Kinnard, Lewis
Kline, John
Knoxville Journal
Knoxville Music Organization
Kyker, Eleanor
Lack, Barbara
Lane, Jim
Langschmidt, Carl
Law Representative
Lawrence, Elliott
Laws, Robert
Lay, Joe
Lee, Ann
Lee, Bill
Lee, Bob
Lee, J. D.
Leach, Natalie (Leech)
Leach, Priscilla
Leith, Judy
Lester, Frank
Letters (awarded)
Levine, Larry
Library (UT)
Linebaugh, Jim
Linsay, Betty
Logan, Madge
Loveday, Bill
Loveless, Howard
Lowry, Fred (Lowery)
Lowry, Dean
Luebke, Harriet
Lyle, Alice
Lyons, Vernon (Buddy)
Maid of Cotton Contest
Mann, Pat
March of Dimes Campaign
March, Don
Margolin, Gerry
Martin (UT)
Martin, Roy
Matthews, Buddy
Maxwell, Kenneth
Mayo, Tom
McAuley, Sally
McBride, Edward, G.
McClean, Porter
McConnell, Ed
McCoy, Bob
McEver, Sarah
McSween, David
McVeay, George
McWhorter, Dave
Meacham, Walker
Means, Marilyn
Melrose Hall
Mertz, Don
Miles, Murray
Military Dept.
Miller, Henry
Miller, Marc
Miller, Naomi
Millsaps, Ed
Miner, Jim
Miss Buckley
Miss Freshman
Mississippi State
Miss Tennessee
Moneyhun, Don
Montgomery, J. L.
Moore, Barbara
Moore, Lucy Hall
Moot Court
Morgan, Bill
Morgan, John
Morgan, Rawls
Morris, Bill
Morris, Lilly van
Mortar Board
Morton, G. W. (George Morton)
Moss, Howard (Howie)
Motes, Betty
Murphy, Claude
Murphy, Marsha
Mynatt, Joe
Mynatt, Martha
Nader, George
Naheeyalii Board
Naheeyalii Dance
Nance, Jim
National Students Association (NSA)
National Students Association Committee
Neal, Jim
Neal, Tom
Nelson, Lee
Ness, Pinkie van
New Gatlinburg Inn
News Editor
Nicholson, Jean
Norman, John
Norman, R. V.
Norton, George
Nunnelly, Mr. (Nunley)
Oakes, Bill
Oath of Office
O'Bleness, George
Ohio State University Chorus Concert
Oliphant, George
Out-Informational Campaign
Outstanding Home Economics Freshman
Orange and White (School Newspaper)
Organization of southern colleges
P. A. System Committee
Pack, David
Packett, Pete
Paine, Hoyte (aka Howard Paine or Pain)
Pan Hellenic
Panel on Student Problems (LSU)
Pardue, Gerald
Park Committee Report
Park for UT students (UT Student Park)
Parking Lot Committee
Party (Parties)
Passman, Flavius
Payne, R. A.
Peacock, Dean
Peacock, Joe
Peoples, Ruth Ann
Pep Club
Pep Coordination Committee
Pep Rallies
Permanent ID Card Committee
Peters, Jane
Photograph(s) (group pictures)
Pi Beta Phi
Pilling, Arlyn
Pitner, Sam
Pledge Relations Board
Police (Knoxville)
Porter, Erie K.
Powell, Joe
Powers, Maryln
Price, Fran
Pritchard, Wes
Programs/projects, current
Public Relations Committee/Board
Publications Committee (Board, Council, other)
Publicity Campaign (ASC)
Qualls, Frank
Queener, Barbara
Racial unity
Radio Committee Report
radio station
Radio Station Report
Ragsdale, Baxter
Randolph, J. W.
Red Cross
Reeder, Fleming
Reeder, Glenn
Regas, George
Relay Carnival
Registrar's Office (staff, other)
Remine, Shields
Representative (college)
Retreat (ASC)
Retreat Arrangements Committee
Revenue Committee
Revenue Report
Reviere, Herman
Review Board
Rhea, Fonde
Riney, Pat
Riney, Peggy
Roach, Gerry
Robert's Rules of Order
Robertson, Jimmy
Robertson, Vick
Robinson, Ann
Robinson, Bob
Robinson, Jack
Robinson, Phillip
Rogers, Leonard
Rogoski, Joe
Rorex, Jack
Rose Hole
Roundup Chairman
Rowe, Cecil
Rudd, Shirley
Rueff, Sue
S & W cafeteria
Sadie Hawkins Day
Sams, Gordon
Sanders, Buddy
Scarbough, Harold
Schoffner, George
Scholarship Committee
Scholarship Show (ASC)
School Spirit
Schroeder, Bob
Scott, Jack
Screening Committee
Seal, Frank
Seaman, Walter
Secretarial Board
Seeber, Lynn
Senior Class
Senior Day
Senior Gift
Senior Picnic
Sharp, Doris
Sharp, Joyce
Sharpe, Beverly
Shedden, Russel
Shelton, Larry
Shields-Watkins field
Sitzman, Selma
Simmons, Roy
Singleton, George
Skinner, Bill
Slogan Committee (ASC)
Slovis, Norbert
Smith, Aubrey
Smith, Dean
Smith, Nancy
Smith, Roy
Smith, V. P.
Social and Activities Board (Social Committee)
Social Calendar Committee
Sophomore Class
Sophomore Council
Sophomore Council Retreat
South College
Southern Association of Students
Southern Circuit
Southern College
Southern Collegiate Pep Conference
Southern Student Association
Southwestern University
S. P. Newmans
Spahr, Sara
Sparkman, Joyce
Sphangos, Mary
Spirit Week
Sproul, Harvey
Stadium (football)
Stationary Report (ASC)
Staley, Bill
Sterchi, Johnny
Stevenson, Nevill
Stout, Dale
Stout, Dorman
"Strictly Business"
Strong, Joe
Stuart, Pat (Stewart)
Stubblefield, Austin
Student Activities Fees
Student Activities Ticket Committee
Student Advisory Committee
Student Assembly (ASC)
Student Bar Association
Student Center
Student Center Committee
Student Activities Ticket Committee
Student Council (UT)
Student Day Assembly Program Committee
Student Directory
Student Directory Committee
Student Governing Council (Executive Council)
Student-Faculty Assembly Committee
Student-Faculty Dinner Committee
Student-Faculty Relations Committee
Student-Faculty Softball Game
Student Parking
Student Raids
Student Union Building
Student Union Committee
Student Union Director
Sulabus Board
Sugar Bowl
Summer Recreation Program
Summer School Faculty
Switzer, Gene
Symbol Committee (ASC)
Tell, Jim
Temple, Patsy
Tennessean, The (newspaper)
Tennessee Coach Company
Tennessee Farmer (publication)
Tennessee-Kentucky Regional Convention
Tennessee-Kentucky Game
Tennessee Shootin' Iron
Tennessee State Legislature
Tennessee Tech
Tennessee Theatre (Knoxville)
Tennessee-Vanderbilt Game
Thaxton, Dean
Thomas, Jan
Thomas, Johnny
Thomason, Buddy
Thomason, John
Thompson, R. F. (Dean, Admissions and Records)
Thompson, Tommy
Torch (school newspaper)
Torch parade
Traffic Lights
Traditions (customs)
Traditions Board (members, other)
Tramel, Aubrey (Trammell)
Treasurer (reports, other)
Triangle Press
Tucker, Willis C.
Tuddle, Barbara
Twilla, William Mark
University Mascot
University Center
University Center Board
University of Cincinnati
University of Kentucky
University of Tennessee
UT Chest Drive
UT Martin
UT Singers Concert
UT split question
UT Sports Scholarship
UT Student Council
UT-TPI game
Vacancies (ASC)
Valker, Betty
Van Ness, Pinkie
Varsity Visit
Vaudeville Show
Vaughn, Tom
Venrick, Mark
Vice President (ASC)
Victory Dance
Visitations Committee (ASC)
Vol Vanities
Volunteer (award)
Volunteer (yearbook)
Volunteer Beauty Ball
Volunteer Party
Wald, Jerry
Waldrep, Jody
Walker, Doug
Walker, Harold
Walker, Tom
Walls, Jimmie
War Orphan Project
Ward, Bob
Washam, Joe (Worsham)
Waters, John
Watson, B.
Watson, John
Weatherly, Mike
Welch, Fred
Wesley, Bob
White, Bob
White, P. W.
Whiteside, Jack
Whitley, Sara Emily
Witt, Ann
Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities
Wicker, Dean
Winchester, Lee
Winfrey, Lee
Worden, Stewart
Workshop (university)
Worley, Sam
Wright, Phil
Wyatt, Don
Yale University

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